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Our Passion

Our History Passion

RS Top Coder is a global provider of congruous technology and outsourcing services. We believe in providing quantifiable value to our customers and confirm qualifiable value to the products & services. Our aim is to provide the best services to all our customers with the help of our skilled professionals and the latest technologies. We understand industry requirement and therefore aspire to deliver the best solutions that assist the need as per the circumstances and delight our customers.

Why Choose Us

RS Top Coder provides exceptional and best solutions in a broad range of industries and business processes by using the best possible platform which matches the requirement throughout.

We specify clear requirements as discussed and suggest better options targeting Client's business.

Phase wise development of the project with timely reports makes Client comfortable and relax about as requirements are being exectuted properly.

Our vision is to provide ultimate solution exactly as per client needs and for his delightment.

Our team develop products after lot of research and analyzes well to cover vast range of requirement.

Timely implementation and proper support after that are our main pillars for the success.

Who We Are

RS Top Coder Technologies is a global firm, comprising a big team of consultants and technology professionals. We have vast range of clients all across the globe, mostly in India, Europe, America and Middle East & Africa. We serve broad range of industries of both private and public sectors. Our dedicated professionals are continuously developing software solutions of all kind of industries present in market.

We are a single global firm comprises of vision to focus on client satisfaction.We consistently work on developing our people to ensure that we can quickly allocate right team with the right expertise and experience to any client whenever required.

The quality work of our people is the foundation of our system to serve our clients better. For this reason, we recruit exceptional people and create an ambiance that encourages them to perform best.

We thoroughly analyze markets and trends and accordingly choose the best technical platform to provide a better way to our team which increases our ability to help clients achieve their goals.

What We Offer

After the requirement analysis, our team design it in the best possible ways.
Interactive rich look and feel with the innovative graphics presentation.
Uniqueness makes a difference but at the same time it must be better as well.
est ERP Hospital Software solution fulfills all departments automation needs of a Hospital.
All automation needs of any kind of industry with all desired features.
All small and large scale industries website can be hosted with multipe and easy options to choose the server.


"RS Topcoder:Cutting-edge programming challenges for passionate coders worldwide."